The Start of a New Tradition

Some time ago my sweetie and I decided to do things a little differently. Rather than exchanging birthday presents we would give adventures. We already have everything we need or want, and if some thing comes up we generally just run out and grab it, Especially with a birthday that is within a month of Christmas. This minimalistic approach to gift giving is refreshing. Rather that collecting more stuff that will collect dust. We are collecting memories that will last a life time, and building a stronger relationship through our adventures. Plus it guarantees that we will get at least two little vacations a year.

Today we set out for my birthday adventure, and yes I already have been making plans for his for his. We are about three hours out of town heading north on I-75. I have no idea where we are headed. I know it will be significantly colder than at home. I am rather concerned that in addition to a heavy winter coat and long johns, it was also requested that I bring my swim suit. But not knowing what is on the agenda just adds to the adventure.


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