Archive | March 2015

All kinds of new things including a dedicated studio workshop!

2015 has started off with a bang. Charlie and I are engaged and we just purchased our first house. We set out with the goal in mind to make sure that both of us have adequate space to create our art without the space constraints that have been holding us back. The last year my primary create spaces have been on the sofa using the coffee table, on the floor in the leather room or the dining room table. All of which make setting up for a long term project not at all feasable. Therefor almost all of my work the past year or more has been rather small 8×10 or most often 5×7 in size.

Move weekend happened just before we went up to Indiana Comic Con. Which was an adventure to say the least. Such a great experience for us both that it deserves its own post.

Now that we have been home a few weeks and have managed to get the studio up and running I have for the first time in three years brought out my full sized watercolor pallet. Lack of work space has limited me to using only my travel pallet for so long I forgot how nice using a mixing pallet was.

Now that we are settled and have started to get back into the groove of creating I have plans to get my Etsy Shop back up and running, as well as start making some more regular posts. But for now here is part of my side of the studio.