Bacon Maple Cake Balls 

Today is International Bacon Day. So we are on our way to a Bacon Day Party. One of the tasty treats I concocted are these little goodies.  

Here is how I did it. The shopping list is at the end. 

These are just like your standard cake ball or cake pop recipe where you crumble up your cake and stir in icing and goodies before hand forming balls. Typically you use one container of icing per cake mix however due to the addition of the maple syrup you may need only 1/2 to 2/3 of the container. Just enough to make your cake balls form.  

Once my cake was baked and cooled i crumbled it up stirred together the cake crumbs, maple syrup, packaged bacon, and frosting. I hand formed my cake balls and put them in the fridge over night to firm up.  

The next morning I melted my candy melts in a double boiler and dipped my cake balls. Finishing them with bacon sprinkles.  
Here is the shopping list. 

Super moist Yellow Cake Mix baked as directed 

Vanilla frosting,

2 packages of Real Bacon Bits 

1/2 cup of maple syrup 

4 packages of candy melts 

1 pound of bacon cooked until crisp and chopped into bacon sprinkles 

Mini cupcake cups for cake balls or lollipop sticks for cake pops.  

Mini pretzel rods to use up the extra chocolate. 

There is always extra chocolate in the double boiler that is to shallow to properly dip your cake balls. I also had some pretzels on hand to use up the extra chocolate. Who doesn’t like bacon chocolate covered pretzels. 

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