Bringing Back the Jewelry–Flower Faerie Earrings

Years ago, I started a new leg of my artistic journey by selling my original sterling silver jewelry designs. Over time the metals market and the economy fluctuated, and my interests grew I found that my creations had gotten a bit expensive, and they also lacked the challenge that they once had. I launched a new venture and starting sharing my painting with the world. My jewelry has always been available but has just not taken center stage as it once had. Recently I have felt the desire to create accessories again. I have started making whimsical pieces out of mixed metals that are funky, feminine, and affordable. My favorite are my Flower Faerie earrings and necklaces.


Bold colors and movement make these fun to make. Found objects, repurposed beads and other whimsical items are also making their way into some of the designs. Currently on my workstation are some tiny glass bottles filled with glitter, broken watch parts, and/or seeds found while hiking which will soon be featured in my designs.

I look forward to making more of my jewelry creations available soon. Check out my Etsy Store for my current selection of jewelry designs and other artwork.




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