Inktober- Stepping Away From the Eraser

I have never been much of an inker. In fact the lack of an eraser I find a bit intimidating. Which is really kind of funny considering my preference for watercolors.

Well in honor of Inktober I have done a couple of ink drawings. Very little, if any, pencil planning was done on these. As I was challenging myself to step away from the eraser and just let art happen.

On this wolf I used Micron pens in black and sepia, as well as a sanguine brush pen and a touch of sanguine Prismacolor pencil. But my set up was very minimal lightly sketching out the eyes, snout and tips of the ears before jumping right on the inks.

For my merganser I did a rather quick drawing with a sharpie a last week. Using a calendar photo as a reference. This was my first inktober drawing and was where I started to test putting down the eraser.

I plan on doing at least a few more ink drawings this month to stretch my skills and comfort level. Up until now ink has been something I used sparingly in watercolors to add tiny details. Maybe in the future it will become more.


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