Red Bellied Woodpecker Painting

There was a little momma red bellied woodpecker who visited my yard quite frequently this past season. I was rather surprised to see her hanging precariously from my seed feeder of a regular basis. As the summer went on her visits continued. One day, much to my delight she was there with her two fledgling offspring. Watching them grow brought me great joy. I look forward to their return next season.


The original painting is for sale in my Etsy Shop.

I was lucky enough to be visited by this family of woodpeckers enough to draw some from life and get a few photos of my visitors. The result was this little masterpiece. It measures 6×9 inches and is painted in oils.

Oils are a medium that I am still rather unfamiliar with, but am committed to working with the more because I really want this tool in my toolbox.


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