EvesImagination on Etsy…a magical Mother & Toddler duo

I love it when I see parents taking the time to truly encourage their children’s artistic growth.

Not tonight, I'm Etsying

I would like to introduce EvesImagination…a magical mother and toddler duo.  Eve, an imaginative two year old, uses an ink pen and sketches whatever drawing she’s inspired to create.  After Eve’s ink creation is complete, her mother uses her daughter’s ink lines as a template to craft a unique piece of artwork.  Using watercolors she transforms the ink template into a colorful imaginative painting.  This mother and toddler artistic duo gave rise to EvesImagination on Etsy- a shop created to share their creations and offer the original watercolor paintings for purchase.  The painting featured here is one of my favorites. Titled Elephant King- I love how Ruth used Eve’s lines to create the body of the elephant and then ingeniously paint the Elephants trunk and husks. I love the fact that Ruth can share her artistic talent with her daughter and encourage Eve’s imagination to run free.
Visit EvesImagination here…

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